Smelly Water Solution

Water is one of our most basic necessities in life and the quality of our water can really affect the quality of our life. If you are experiencing smelly water problems every time to turn on your faucet or start a load of laundry we have a solution! You don’t have to live with smelly well water anymore! Clear Water Treatment, Inc. has been serving the Southwest Florida areas with water treatment solutions for over 20 years! Our passion is clean water and serving our customers is our greatest joy! Call us at 239-458-5597, we can help!

Rotten egg smell (sulfur odor)

The sulfur odor or rotten egg smelling water that you smell is actually hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). It is a colorless gas with the characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs. The gas is most often formed when organic material decays in the absence of oxygen, for example in swamps and sewers.

There are two ways to remove it from our water, through aeration or filtration. Aeration systems spray water into a ventilated storage tank. Since hydrogen sulfide is a gas, creating a fine mist or spray will separate the gas from the water. The hydrogen sulfide can then be eliminated as a gas through the vent holes in the top of the aerator.

Fortunately in Southwest Florida, we are one of the few areas in the country that can have an aerator installed outside on the side or back of your home. Aerators work well with removing hydrogen sulfide gas from your water.

The other way to remove the hydrogen sulfide gas is through filtration. We have a multi-media filtration system that also works very well in reducing the sulfur odor in your home.

The sulfur (H2S) level varies from well to well and for an accurately test, it should be done on site. Since hydrogen sulfide is a gas and is easily separated from the water, it will dissipate even in a sealed container and would not produce an accurate

We would be happy to come out to test your water and give you an accurate assessment while explain the options of sulfur removal for your particular situation.

Please feel free to give us a call at 239-458-5597 if you have additions questions we can answer or to find out how you can get on the road to cleaner, clearer, healthier water! We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to like our facebook fanpage, follow us on twitter, connect to us on linkedin, subscribe to our newsletter and blog if you haven’t already done so!

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Clear Water Treatment will analyze your water situation and adjust your system, or advise you of any changes that you may need to make. With 30 years working with Southwest Florida water, you can be confident that you will receive an accurate assessment of your water problems and treatment solution(s) at a fair price.
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